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    Welcome to Deck Builders Oakland Partners, your expert deck builders that build the highest quality decks and outdoor structures for homes and businesses in the area. When it comes to new deck installation, renovation, or repair of outdoor decks, we are the name to call in Oakland. 

    Oakland is fortunate to have pleasant outdoor weather almost all year round. If you are meaning to take advantage of the climate by building an outdoor deck in your property, we are the number to call.


    Decks have become a mainstay in many Oakland homes, given the fact that the climate is nice in here, most of the year. The outdoor deck is a perfect place to enjoy the outdoors because it’s right at the safety and privacy of your own property.


    A home patio should certainly reflect the personality of the homeowners. It should be designed to cater to the needs of the users. Ask yourself what the patio will be used for. Whether for socialization with guests or an open area for children to play around; a place for some peace and quiet or a place for many active pursuits; we can custom build it for you.


    If you want an upgrade to your home, pergolas, arbors, and awnings immediately provide aesthetic beauty and functional use to any home. Pergolas and arbors are freestanding structures that immediately enhance the look of your backyard, but they also provide utility to the homeowners. They provide shade to protect your property from the elements, yet is still open enough to avoid obstructing the view of the skies.


    Pools are a great summer activity for kids and adults alike. But they are also rife with slips and accidents! The solution is to build a pool deck that enforces the safety of swimmers and loungers alike. This way, you can lounge by the pool in style by having an elegant pool deck in your backyard. At the same time, have the peace of mind that your safety is first in mind when we installed your pool deck.

    Deck Builders
    Oakland Partners

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      A gazebo is a multipurpose outdoor complex, and is usually unattached from the main property. They are more commonplace in event halls, commercial properties, and bigger estates. Gazebos can be as simple or as ambitious as you (or your budget) see fit.


      An outdoor kitchen and fire pit have become a mainstay in many residences, especially in California where the climate is ideal for frequent barbecues. Give your backyard an upgrade by featuring a bbq grill.


      There will come a time when decks will need some tender loving care. We do maintenance repairs of all magnitudes–whether you require a small fix or a major redo. Call us so we can assess the repairs required for your property.


      Custom Decks for Unique Needs

      Instantly elevate your space with a deck upgrade. Whether you are an old returning customer or a new client, talk to us when your space needs a face lift. Our team of experts will see that your space gets the upgrade it deserves.

      Cutting Edge and Best Service

      We aim to own two keywords in the deckbuilding space: cutting edge and service.

      In our years in business, we stay cutting-edge when it comes to home improvement trends and technology. We remain innovative in our field, investing in the latest technology of tools, equipments, and processes.

      Not only that, we also pride in a team that is attentive and customer-first. We are ready to take your calls and answer your queries at any time, whether through phone, email, or a set face-to-face appointment.

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      At Deck Builders Oakland Partners, our sole focus was to provide our clients with the highest value in order to exceed their expectations. Throughout years in business, our mission and values are still unchanged. Despite our explosive growth, we are still committed to our customers first and foremost. We are a company that believes in quality, value, and trust.

      Our process has always been customer-centric since the start. We evaluate the unique needs of every customer and we engage with them from start to finish. We are transparent with them every step of the way: concept, layout, materials, color, pre-construction, construction, and delivery to the final product.

      Decks Designed for Oakland Weather and Regulations

      With our team’s expertise in working in outdoor construction, we have already gathered the know-how of the local environment and climate. We know what natural elements to look out for in the area. We grasp which construction materials will best work for deck building. We know how to guarantee longevity and lesser upkeep in the long run. 

      It is our sole priority to give our customers the utmost safety and highest quality of work. We guarantee that our processes strictly adhere to local regulations stipulated in California.

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      At Deck Builders Oakland, we create multipurpose outdoor spaces so clients can get the most out of their properties. Aside from our specializations in deck building and installation, we also have a wide range of contracting services that we do. Call us today and get your free estimate!