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    Oakland deck builders are the most capable team in installing a wide range of living and entertainment features for the outdoors–and that includes installation and construction of pool decks. When it comes to all things deckbuilding, we are the top brand to call.

    The pool deck, also known as the pool patio, provides immediate access to your swimming pool. The deck area creates the overall look and style of the overall swimming area. 

    Nicknamed ‘bright side of the bay’, Oakland enjoys a pleasantly warm climate all year round. Thus, more and more homes in Oakland, California are building their own swimming pool to take advantage of its sunny skies. 

    Our partners will assess your swimming pool, landscape, and surroundings in order to design a pool that will best match your existing outside space.

    Everything You Need to Know about
    Pool Decks

    The swimming pool is a place of activity and leisure. It is the pool for the children to have active fun, and for adults to lounge and sunbathe.

    Pool decks must be designed to have an inviting appeal, at the same time must provide easy accessibility, safety, and non-slip features. The structure and materials must be incorporated into the overall look to the surrounding landscape. 

    The use of material and design largely depends on the surrounding landscape. If the pool is surrounded by greenery and foliage, materials such as limestone or other natural stone. If you want a more contemporary approach, the look of concrete has been trendy in today’s modern times.

    We will look into the building regulations and requirements based on the local codes of CA state laws. One key consideration is to allocate for fencing. 

    Everything You Need to Know about Pool Decks
    In-Ground vs. Above Ground Pool Decks

    In-Ground vs. Above Ground Pool Decks

    The design of the deck largely depends on the type of pool you have built in your backyard, whether you have an in-ground or above-ground pool deck.

    Above-ground pools are growing in popularity because it is quick to build and easy to install. It is less expensive than in-ground pools, allowing you more versatility. However, if not built properly, above-ground pools could look unsightly, looking like an afterthought rather than part of the whole space. Oftentimes, above-ground pools are seen as temporary features to the backyard. 

    Having a wooden deck built around your above-ground swimming pool makes the space more comfortable: a place for swimming, sunbathing, or just lounging throughout the day. Custom building lets you meet the exact specifications measurements that will warrant a handsome deck for the outdoors.  

    For above-ground decks, it is best to enlist a professional. Reach out to us now for above ground pool deck builders. We promise you in delivering excellence.

    Pool decking and coping are two different things, with different requirements and processes.

    Pool coping is building an edge around an in-ground pool, normally around 1 foot (12 inches) in width. Coping is also known as edging or edge paving, often used for practical and aesthetic purposes. The edging is placed around the top rim of the swimming pool. Popular materials for coping include natural stone, pre-cast concrete, and brick. 

    Pool decking is a much larger and long-term project It is designed to blend with the pool and other parts of the garden. The space should be large enough to accommodate other fixtures such as outdoor furniture, bbq grill, fire pit, and more.

    Whether you need expert swimming pool deck builders or pool copers, we will deliver with satisfaction. Call us now to get professional recommendation.

    Apart from construction, you will also need to think about repairs, fixes, and maintenance. Upkeep will prolong the lifespan of your outdoor structures. We can handle problems in leaks, cracks, holes, and more.

    Decking plays an integral role in both the look and safety of the swimming pool. There are always solutions across different price points. We can tackle any projects, large or small. 

    If you lived in Oakland CA and interested to avail of our services in pool decking, contact us today in the provided contact number. As #1 outdoor builders in Oakland, California, we make sure to deliver projects that are safe, beautiful, and affordable! 

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