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    Oakland, California is blessed to have the perfect warm climate for residents to enjoy alfresco all year round. Let us work together in constructing an outdoor living area that matches your personality, tastes, and needs.

    Decks come in all designs, styles, sizes. If you are not sure about what you need and confused about what you should really opt for, let our experts help in the decision process. Give us a call anytime and we will get your questions answered.


    Not only do patios provide functional and attractive purpose to your home, but they are also a worthy investment. A patio can immediately increase a property’s value substantially. Properties for both commercial and residential purposes can greatly benefit from the addition of a well-designed patio.

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      If you have a swimming pool or planning to build one, then a pool deck is requisite. A pool deck serves many functions: first, it visually enhances the experience. Second, it serves as a safety precaution. We look into materials and designs that prevent pool slips and accidents. We design a pool deck to ensure security; so that swimming activity will be a pleasurable and safe activity for all.


      Backyard barbecues are a popular activity in warm California, and there is nothing more amazing than being able to do so in the comfort of your home. Impress everyone by installing an outdoor kitchen with a bbq grill. A firepit makes a practical outdoor feature in the cooler months of October through March.


      If you have a larger property, gazebos are a recommended add-on to your backyard. They quickly add a touch of class in any residential or commercial space. Gazebos can be simple or grand, depending on the available space or customer preferences and budget. Because gazebos are often standalone freestanding structures, they need to be built with durability and sturdiness. We custom design gazebos according to our client requests.


      No project is too complex or large for our team. Our experts have worked for both home and commercial-scale projects. Our team can build grander scale structures such as pavilions. Pavilions are function halls that can be used for events, parties, and weddings because it has the capacity to host a large number of people. We have the expertise to handle large-scale projects affordably and on-time.


      If your backyard has a more limited space to work with, fret not. You can still have the outdoor living space you desire despite a small space. Arbors provide an aesthetic function to your outdoor space. Arbors create an instant charming appeal to any space regardless of size. While designing with less space poses more limitations and challenges, there is nothing our team of master craftsmen can’t handle.


      Pergolas are freestanding structures that provide shade to residents and guests. They make a stylish addition to any home or business property. If you are confused about which structures (pergola, arbor, or awning) would be best for your space, talk to any of our expert consultants by giving us a call on the provided contact number.


      If you have a damaged deck that requires an emergency repair or just require a quick fix done for your outdoor structure, let us know and we’ll handle the fuss for you.

      All home improvement structures require some maintenance and repair, especially if it is more than 10 years old. Invest in timely upkeep or else you could spend more on repairs and back jobs. Contact us now to schedule an inspection for repairs and maintenance.


      Aside from our superior quality in handiwork, we also take pride in our superb customer service. We are 100% committed to our clients, from conception to delivery. 

      Sometimes the Mr. and Mrs. may not agree on things, e.g., she wants practicality while he wants elegance. If there are different concerns, there’s no need to worry, we can perfectly handle that. We consult with family members to ensure all checkboxes are checked.


      Every project is different–each project has a unique set of requirements, challenges, and budget. We can handle and custom-build an outdoor space solution consequently. 

      The architectural design of homes and buildings come in many styles: modern, wood cabin or Victorian, we have the versatility to work well with all kinds of design forms. 

      At Deck Builders Oakland Partners, only the best standard of materials and processes are used. We make sure all requirements and regulations are met according to the local state laws, as well as permits and accreditations.

      Our years of experience in the business have given us a reputable name in Oakland as the trusted contractors for deck building, and more: patios, gazebos, pergolas, arbors, pavilions, and more. From construction from scratch to repurposing and repairing decks–we do it, and we do it well.

      We are just one call away to get your ideal outdoor living space. Get in touch with one of our deckbuilding experts so we can assess and evaluate your requests.

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